October 2016

Professional Training

Audition possibly by individual appointment.

+++Enrol now for a test-lesson wih one of our top-trainers.+++

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October  2016

Professional Training

Audition possibly by individual appointment.

+++Enrol now for a test-lesson wih one of our top-trainers.+++

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October  2016

Professional Training

Audition possibly by individual appointment.

+++Enrol now for a test-lesson wih one of our top-trainers.+++

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Drumtrainer Berlin


…is the Drumacademy in Berlin!


DRUMTRAINER BERLIN gives you the full package you need to make the most of what you’ve got!

At DRUMTRAINER BERLIN you will be trained only by first class working professionals, the best in the business.



Drumtrainer Berlin







Drums&Business Weekend

Drumtrainer Events


We’re proud to be hosting the renowned jazz drummer MARKO DJORDJEVIC on July 7th. He will be giving a intensive-training at from 3 -6 pm. This 3 hour workshop will cover the following topics:

– Jazz

– Technique

– Odd Meters

– Polyrhythms and

– Uncommon rhythmic Concepts
The participation fee is 30,- € per person. The number of participants is limited to 15 drummers. In this intimate setting you will get a chance to play and get critiqued by one of today’s leading drum set artists, as you would if you were taking a private lesson with him at Berklee or The Drummer’s Collective.

Right after that we’ll have a free, public drum clinic taking place from 8 – 9:30 pm.

Please register via info(at)drumtrainerberlin.de


Called a “world-class drummer” and “a true innovator” by Modern Drummer magazine, Marko Djordjevic has played on about 50 albums and has thousands of live performances worldwide to his credit with musicians such as Matt Garrison, Wayne Krantz, Jonah Smith, Clarence Spady, Lucky Peterson, Jacques Schwartz-Bart, Garry Willis, Hal Crook, Eli Degibri, Lionel Loueke, Aaron Goldberg, Damian Erskine, The Itals, The Kung Fu Masters, Chris McDermott, Ole Mathiesen, Sten Hostfalt, The Mason Brothers, Tim Miller, and Eric Lewis, and many others. In addition to his busy performing schedule, Marko is a faculty member at Berklee College of Music in Boston and The Drummers Collective in NYC. As the composer for SVETI, Marko writes music inspired by the rich musical tradition of his Balkan roots, with a nod to the “western” artists that have influenced him, from Coltrane and Weather Report to Zappa and the Police. His music is known to be full of beautiful melodies, intricate rhythms, great improvisation and pure energy. Marko’s appearance at Drumtrainer is supported by Natal, Zildjian, Evans and Vic Firth. The clinic/performance will also feature Roberto Badoglio on bass and Bjossi Klutsch on guitar.


Drumtrainer presents: RONNIE BURRAGE (USA)
We’re proud to be hosting one of the most stunning jazz drummers in the world !
April 8th I  7: pm I Please register via: Info@drumtrainerberlin.de I Admission : free


Ronnie Burrage stepped into the jazz scene when he debuted at the age of 9 years old, when the legendary bandleader and pianist Duke Ellington invited him on the stage to accompany him at a performance in St. Louis, Missouri.

In the past Burrage was featured on more than 100 recordings and has toured on all four continents from Siberia to South Africa to Japan.

Legends, such as Frank Morgan or Pat Metheny have required his versatile talent and skills on the drums. Nowdays, Burrage is teaching at Pennsylvania State University.
We’re looking forward to his workshop at Drumtrainer Berlin.

Drumtrainer präsentiert:
SWAGDRUMMING mit Jan “Stix” Pfennig
19.04.2016 I 19.00-21.00 Uhr I Badehaus I Revalerstrasse 99 I 10245 Berlin I Eintritt: Frei!!!

dt_web_swagdrumming_v1Jan “Stix” Pfennig ist einer der innovativsten Drummer der Nation, der das Hip-Hop Drumming hierzulande auf ein ganz neues Level gehoben hat.
Das Schlagzeug Magazin Sticks bezeichnete ihn als “wandelnde Beatmaschine“.Seit 2008 ist Jan Pfennig der feste Schlagzeuger des deutschen Rapstars SIDO, der ihm auch seinen Spitznamen gab: „STIX“2012 rief er mit seiner Hiphop Band “The Swag” das bekannte Berliner HipHop-Event “The Swagjam” ins Leben, das seitdem jeden Dienstag im Berliner Club Badehaus die HipHop Fans begeistert und neben lokalen Rap Größen auch bekannte nationale und international Rapkünstler auf der Bühne präsentiert.Im April 2015 veröffentlichte Jan “Stix” Pfennig das Schlagzeug-Konzept SWAGDRUMMING (AMA Verlag), dass sich mit dem Thema Inbetween- Shuffle und Qintolen-Drumming beschäftigt.Jan ist Dozent im Profi-Training von Drumtrainer Berlin, einer privaten Ausbildung zum Schlagzeuger.


Workshop with Oli Rubow

 Oli Rubow forges a unique link between the repetitive and cool beats of German club culture and the soul of jazz and soul, giving it his own unique human touch.

May 4th 7- 9 pm @ Drumtrainer Berlin I Admission: free


The Frankfurt-based drummer Oli Rubow has loved rhythm ever since he can clap. His musical development was greatly influenced by jazz but since the end of the 1990s he has moved between various electronic styles within the DJ and club scene and, until today, he remains just as much a fan of electric beats as home-made, improvised sounds.
Alongside his long-standing cooperation with bass legend Hellmut Hattler and the lounge-music pioneers De Phazz, he has made a string of interesting guest appearances, for example with Turntablerocker,  the Fantastischen Vier, Henrik Schwarz, or Jazzanova. On 04.05, Oli will visit Berlin Drumtrainer once again, to unpack an inspiring suitcases of stylistic inspiration for the workshop participants and to explain how, with the most basic equipment and creative ideas, you can come up with a range of contemporary grooves.
So, calling all you drummers in Berlin, don’t miss this great opportunity to meet a great guy!!!

Drumtrainer presents:
Drummers Intensive Day with Phil Maturano/ N.Y. @ Drumtrainer
May 7th 2016  01:00 – 07:00 pm 
Admission: 75,-€ / early bird special: 60,-€ (bookings before april 1st)
register: info@drumtrainerberlin.de


In this 6 hour journey into drumming, Phil will guide participants through the area in which they have outstanding expertise. Participants  not only watch and learn but also take part! When you are at a Drummers intensive day…be ready to play! When you attend, you must be ready to play on drumset and in front of everyone at the event. You will play to backing tracks, and play along with the instructor. You will then receive feedback from Phil as well as your fellow participants. That is what makes this event unique. We have plenty of time to accommodate all questions and explore the subject matter at hand deeply and thoroughly.

Phil Maturano is one of the worlds top clinicians and director of “Drummers Intensive day” drum camp. With over 20 years of clinic experience he started the DI day years ago in New York City. The event has taken place in over 20 countries and is now coming back to Germany. Get more information about Phil @ philmaturano.com


Entrance Test and Information Events !

If you’re interested in our professional training,
join our entrance test and information events in February!

Our trainers are there to answer all your questions regarding our school and our program. If you’d like to attend, we kindly ask you to register via info(at)drumtrainerberlin.de

Event 1: Sunday, feb. 21. | 3 – 6 pm
Event 2: Sunday, feb. 28 | 3 – 6 pm

More information:

Questions? Please send us an email: info@drumtrainerberlin.de

Drumtrainer Berlin presents:
LATIN DRUM CLINIC with Diego Pinera in BERLIN!
feb, 28 /  7 pm  / free entry / 

Diego Pinera was born in Montevideo (Uruguay) and studied drums at Berklee College of Music (USA), at the University of Music in Havanna (Kuba) and at “Hochschule für Musik und Theater” in Leipzig.  More information about his life and music via: www.diegopinera.com

please register via info(at)drumtrainerberlin.de

Drumtrainer Berlin presents:
Matthias Philipzen!

Cajon Aktiv-Workshop_v1

Florian Alexandru-Zorn visits Drumtrainer Berlin!

Florian Alexandru-Zorn is a drummer, author, lecturer at the Pop Academy in Mannheim and founder of Onlinelesson.tv.


Florian Alexandru-Zorn is considered a pioneer and developer of new teaching methods, especially in the field of the brush technique. He published the several books on the art of brush playing that are now considered standard works worldwide. Musically Florian focuses on the genres of jazz, world music and fusion, but it is also involved in various hip-hop and drum & bass projects

Presented by Drumtrainer Berlin, onlinelesson.tv. and Sonor

New: Drum Circle at Drum Trainer Berlin!

The Drum Circle is a rhythm-experience event in which participants from all age groups join for an intense rhythmic music experience.

Drum Circles participants play together on various percussion instruments, reacting spontaneously to the rhythms created. A group leader (facilitator) acts as a “conductor” and assists in the development of music. This is not a drum class, but rather a free and improvised interaction in a stress-free environment. No prior knowledge or experience is required.


Kick off: 05/12/2015
For children and families: 3 pm
For teenagers and adults: 5 pm
Where: Drumtrainer Berlin, Schwiebusserstraße 16, Berlin-Kreuzberg

These introductory events are free of charge.
Presented by Drumtrainer Berlin and REMO Percussion.

Free Drum Clinic w/ AARON COMESS  at Drumtrainer Berlin!
october 13th, 8 pm.



Birthday Party!
1.10. | 19 Uhr | Special Guest: GERRY BROWN



Berlin Drumtrainer featuring Berlin’s best drum trainers!

Have a look at some of our fantastic teachers:





Dear all,

our new “Professional-Training”- course will start in October 2015.

To enrol for the “Professional-Training”, students will have to pass an admission exam.

We will test different styles (e.g. rock, pop-ballad, swing) and reading skills (e.g. Ted Reed …).

Students not resident in Berlin may also send songs and videos via e-mail or arrange for a Skype appointment.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The team of DTB.

Please contact us: